if i am that person again, will they finally love me?


i am doing everything wrong!!! i am doing everything wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i should be drawing old people!!! i should be drawing diverse people!!!! i shouldnt be drawing the same fucking anime bullshit stupid awful pointless garbage but here i am!!!!!! stupid stupid stupid so so so so so so stupid!!! i cant believe you!!! no wonder no one cares about your art its so so so stupid!!!!! do you even try?!??!! it sure doesnt look like it!!! fuck you!! fuck you!!! fuck you!!!! i should be drawing objects!!! i should be drawing backgrounds!!! i should be drawing people interacting!!! but im doing jack shit!!!!


im too fucking tired for this

art is good. making art is good. i am an exception to this

everyone improves. everyone gets better. i am an exception to this

everyone can make pretty art. everyone can make something meaningful

i am an exception to this

why am i like this

am i even capable of doing good things

do i even have the ability to make things that arent horrid

i dont think i am

it feels like im doomed to be awful disgusting stupid horrible worthless for the rest of my life

i dont think i will ever be happy