astral is glittering blue silence, astral is stars clung together into a cloud of mist,

astral is a clear crystal spilling every color onto the floor and the walls,

and yuuma finds himself wanting to shove his hands through their chest,

to see if the cloud of stars would cling to his fingers and leave prints of stardust

on his clothes. yuuma pushes his hand through astrals chest. it feels like a cloud,

and astrals face contorts. yuuma clenches his hand into a fist, and pulls his hand out

of astrals foggy nebula body. for a moment, yuuma sees shimmering, iridescent film on

his palm when he uncurls his fist. for a moment, yuumas pupils dilate and astrals heart

is in his palm, it is glowing and crystalline, its fresh snow eight feet deep, its

unkempt vines growing up old stone walls, a stained glass window shining opalescent

reflections through the room, it is, it feels something is missing, and, yuuma blinks

and there is nothing in his palm, of course there isnt. astrals stars are not something

that yuuma can touch. astral is a milky galaxy that is beyond yuumas understanding.

"yuuma, what was that?" they ask. yuuma stares up into cats eyes that dont reflect.

"oh, sorry. dont worry about it."