big list o' headcanons



- after everythings over, ryou has ptsd from the things that yami bakura did, to him and to his friends. He has scars on his arm, hand and chest from the stabbings and the millennium ring fusing to his chest. There are chunks of his memory missing, not just from the times bakura took him over, but from traumatic events that his ptsd has made him forget. He wishes he could remember them but he refuses to go to any kind of therapy to get it back because he knows they would send him to a mental hospital for it and wouldn’t believe his stories

- yugi is trans. hes too scared of needles to do hrt but hes still known everywhere and to everyone as yugi. yami is cis though and yugis kind of envious of his body bc hes well toned and strong and he wishes he could be like that too, but atems a Good Supportive bf and kisses him and talks sweetly to him until he forgets all about it

- kaibas trans too but hes fully transitioned like with surgery and everything because theres Nothing Kaiba Cant Do. also even if he was scared he wouldnt let it stand in his way because hes Kaiba.

- yugi likes to keep his hair in a ponytail at home. hes tried to get atem to do something like pigtails because he thinks itd be cute. he did it once but hed never admit it

- atem tried to convince yugi to get a bunch of piercings once because he wanted them and yugi nearly died

- kaiba is probably at least slightly malnourished bc he seems to hyperfocus on his work for hours into the night (like that one scene with mokuba under kaibas coat.) he most likely has bags under his eyes he uses makeup or some other thing to cover up because he cant stand physical flaws. "hes got abs in dsod" ok sure but listen. hes probably gone full days forgetting to eat because hes so invested in his work and mokuba has to remind him or bring him food himself. someone please teach seto kaiba self care

- yugi comes to visit kaiba sometimes after everythings over. kaiba wouldnt admit it if you held a gun to his head but they spend long times in comfortable silence, sometimes absentmindedly playing games together just to pass the time and get their minds off of it. sometimes yugi talks about how he misses atem. kaiba doesnt talk much in response but theres a mutual understanding there that doesnt really need words. they both miss him in different ways but still talk about it together on occasion.

- after atem leaves yugi comes to jounouchi for comfort and company, and they end up getting together. yugi can confide in him and jounouchis not good with people, he never has been, but he can hold yugis hands and hold him and kiss his head. hes never been good at communication other than physical but he tries his best

- yugi has had top surgery in dsod and hes very happy with it which is why he wears so many button down shirts with multiple buttons undone, etc.

- anzu once tried to teach jounouchi how to dance. He was awful at it, but when honda and yugi laughed they dragged them into it too and honda had a bad fall that gave him a huge bruise on his arm for a week

- jounouchi thought he was straight until saw Pro Duelist yugi. i mean, he was cute and all, and he made his heart beat fast when he smiled and when theyd hold hands on the way to yugis grandpas store after school he would sometimes wish that they could do this all the time, but that didn’t mean anything he wasn’t gay. He saw yugi duel in a championship once and how his eyes got serious and his brow furrowed and his voice got loud and commanding and thought ok, maybe I could go for guys

- mai yugi honda and jounouchi tried to set up anzu with shizuka once. It failed because they failed to notice that they had already gotten together. Shizuka kissed anzus cheek when they met for the date and they all just went Oh

- atem is obsessed with jewelry. he loves it and once he gets his own body he wears So Much Of It