do you like or like like me?


i like to collect pins.

i like to write in notebooks with only pen in lots of different colors.

i like shiny.

i like dreaming.

i like pretty colors.

i like putting stickers and pins on everything i own.

i like organizing and ordering things.

i like being together with you.

i like keeping notes.

i like... i like... i like soft things.

i like being warm.

i like keeping trinkets with me.

i like simple things.

i like flowers.

i like gardening.

i like to write neatly in the lines and fill up the page.

i like to scribble and scrawl.

i like to hold your hand.

i like to splatter paint.

i like to take pictures of too many things.

i like my camera.

i like cats paws.

i like fangs.

i like boxes of teeth.

i like collections of all kinds.

i like to make things i don't always entirely understand.

i like to love and be loved.

let's go home.