i want to kiss you. i have for a long time. is that okay?

ahh... you're very warm. i like being with you.


don't worry. i won't let go of your hand. i don't want to, ever.

your hands are soft and warm. your fingers are long and elegant. you are very pretty.

you should play the piano. if that would make you happy.

lover... may i call you that?

haha! if you say so.

it's okay. you needn't worry about anything as long as i'm here.

and i will be, as long as you want me.

may i kiss you?

i know, i know... i can't help it. you're so sweet.

lover... it's so cold. lover, i'd love your arms around me. it feels so safe.

i never thought i'd say this, but...

you feel like home to me, lover.

i want to be with you. together forever.